The production of about 15.000 tons of potatoes for Fritolay

Black Carrot


The Production for suitable for using natural food dye

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

The Production of aromatic tea and natural essential oils

Semi-Dried Tomatoes

The Production Semi Oven-Dried Tomatoes by using IQF Technology

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The production area

Our company follows an agricultural system that does not allow the use of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically modified organisms using holistic agriculture that protects soil, water, and biodiversity.

We attach importance to sustainable agriculture

We try to protect ecology with a holistic approach from the production field to the regional level, covering the diversity, soil, water, air, and climate.

USDA Organic Certified

Organic farming is a form of production that is sensitive to natural life cycles, production is carried out with as natural a process as possible. We have this certificate in order to be able to apply organic certified agriculture on our land suitable for organic agriculture.

We try to leave healthier soil and cleaner water for future generations

Water Saving